New Year Fashion Picks for 2022 Guide

New Year Fashion Picks for 2022 Guide

We've learned that anything is bound to happen in life this year. Let's collectively agree that we will remain powerful and well dressed (even in leggings). Agreed!

Now that 2022 has arrived we're comfortable enough to say that we need more variety in prints and colors in our everyday style. Yes, we are still sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours on room calls but we're doing it in our most comfortable pair of leggings. 

What's happening inside the fashion trends for working women? We stalk vogue runway for the hottest vouture because a girl can live. At the end of the day we know we want the best quality our style and money can afford us. 

Couture or not it still needs to look good. 

Here's what's landing on the top of all fashion lists for winter 2022...


1. Prints, prints, prints


2. Puffer Coats

Winter Puffer coat trends

3. Easy carry bags

minimalist zebra print book bags


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