About Our Brand

 Black owned womenswear brand created by Lydia Endora in 2015. My life was filled with fashion and hard working woman. I learned to appreciate the value of building something of your own to help those around us. My mother saw the value in education and property and made sure all four of her children knew how to build something we could be proud of.


6 years since launching Lydia Endora, my skills as a mother, buyer & founder have propelled my brand to gain recognition with the following media outlets: Self Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping and Buzzfeed. We are a contemporary activewear and clothing brand for women who want to be comfortable and feel beautiful in their style.

Our focus as a brand is to give women fashion they can be comfortable and beautiful in everyday. The right style can help a woman change her world and we want our #Endoraladies to feel powerful in all of our designs.